Thursday, November 6, 2014

Odd Sensations and Strong Emotions From Meditation

I regularly get questions about odd sensations and strong emotions that occur as result of meditation. These generally occur during or just after meditation but can occur at other times as well.

Twitching, itching, tingling, coughing, heat, cold, seeing lights, hearing noises, seeing smoke or vapor coming from the body, are some of the sensations reported by meditators.

Anger, sadness, anxiety, feeling like laughing, feeling like crying, extreme bliss, euphoria are some of the emotions reported by meditators.

We may also feel rushes of energy. This is your body filling up with energy. Meditation stills the mind and opens you up to receive pranic energy.

These sensations are your physical and subtle bodies filling with healing energy. Energy imbalances and blockages are being corrected. You are releasing negative energy, stress, traumatic experiences, negative feelings, negative thoughts, negative miasms and other negative energies.

When you meditate you tap into deep seated emotions. The feelings can be strong.

Let the sensation happen. If you have to do something about it then do so and get back to mediation. Do not think about the interruption just make the correction and get back to meditation.

When emotions arise note them but do not get involved with them or try to repress them or get frustrated. Just let them flow and continue your meditation.

Alternately you can put your awareness on the emotion. Do not get involved with it or try to repress it. Just be aware of it. This awareness will eventually cause the emotions to subside. This occurs without repression. Follow the emotion down as it subsides back to where it came from.

Don't expect the sensations.If they happen they happen. If they don't they don't. The healing process still occurs.

Some people have trouble staying awake during meditation even when they have no sleep disorder. Meditation activates healing pathways in your brain, consciousness, physical and subtle bodies. Sometimes the body needs sleep to do something.

Don't worry about it. Just let yourself get the rest you need and when the imbalance is cleared you will be able to stay awake in meditation. The important thing is to not fight it or get upset about it. That will just create stress.

When you meditate you open yourself to healing life energy known as Prana also called Chi, Qi, Ki, and various other names by various cultures throughout the world and through time. This energy vitalizes and heals you. It transforms you by raising your vibrational level. This leads to healing of the physical and subtle bodies. Improved outlook and greater awareness and other positive improvements.

When I first started meditation I would get itchy a lot of the time when I meditated. I went to a meditation meeting and during the meditation I would start coughing and had to go to the bathroom so as to not disturb the others. I would also get twitching of my muscles.

I wondered if I could possibly be under some kind of psychic attack.

Then I wondered if it was the result of my body healing. Since then I have learned about the subject. I still get twitching and various feelings. The coughing and itching subsided long ago.

Just maintain your meditation practice and move through the time of odd sensations and in time you will experience good sensations such as euphoria, bliss, or just plain relaxed.

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