Basic Healing Meditation

If you like you can do this meditation with a delta range healing binaural beats video like the ones below.

Sit in a comfortable position. Keep your hands open. Close your eyes. Relax, breathe in positive energy. Breathe out the tension.

Imagine you are breathing in light of pure healing love energy. Breathe out black smoke of tension, sickness and negativity. Do this for a few seconds.

Start chanting OM or you can just say I AM. Bring your awareness to the OM. After a while start to whisper OM and then just say it mentally. If your thoughts wander just acknowledge them and bring your attention back to OM.

After about 5 minutes focus on your heart. Keep your eyes closed. Bring all your attention to your heart. See it with your mind's eye. Hear it and feel it beating.

Experience your heart for a few minutes.

Bring your awareness to your fingertips. This diverts blood flow to your hands and provides relief for headache.

Imagine a ball of light the size of your thumb that embodies all the love in the universe. Imagine the ball descending down through the top of your head down into your heart. Feel the warmth.

Expand the light until it fills your body. Let the light cleanse you for a while. Be grateful.

After a while bring your awareness back to your heart. Once again experience your heart for a few minutes and then direct your awareness to where you desire healing. Then Imagine the ball of light. Do these steps for each area in need.

When ready to finish bring your awareness back to your heart. Feel gratitude for all the things you have to be grateful for. Open your eyes.

You can use one of the healing videos below if you like with your meditation. More healing videos can be found on the Karmic Beats YouTube channel Healing playlist.

Back Pain & Headaches + Water (Binaural Isochronic Delta 0.5 & 2.5Hz, Solfeggio 528Hz, OM 136.1Hz)

One Hour Delta Healing II - Nerve Pain (Isochronic Beats, Solfeggio)

Please check the Karmic Beats YouTube channel for binaural, isochronic, solfeggio, sound healing, vibrational therapy and meditation videos.

YouTube playlists of Karmic Beats Videos:

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