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Fractal Art Wallpaper - Win Legal Battles + WIND & RAIN (Isochronic beats, Mercury & Mars, freedom and strength of will)

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These fractal art wallpapers are from Karmic Beats videos, and were made just to be an interesting background for the videos. Some of the sets are very cool, even some of the 2D sets are very good. Later videos use 3D images some of which are really cool. However these images were made to be background images in meditation videos where people generally close their eyes. Since they were made to be viewed by people with their eyes closed, the standard is not as high as for images that are made specifically to be fractal art wallpaper (such as Karmic Beats Special Sets). However there are still some really good ones so if you don't like one set just keep looking, you are bound to find something you like. Karmic Beats videos can be viewed on the Karmic Beats YouTube Channel.

I make many fractal art images and then select some of them for the final cut. As such, some of these fractal art images were seen in the videos and some were not used in the final cut.

Simply click on one of the thumbnail images and it will enlarge. Then you can download it or set your wallpaper to that image. In most windows browsers right clicking on the enlarged image will bring up a context menu that has the options to "save image as" and "set as desktop background". Depending on the browser the options may be named slightly different. Select the stretch option.

For Mac users hold "control" and click on the image. Then select "set as desktop background" or "save". (I am not a Mac user so if that does not work please let me know)

The fractal wallpaper images are from the following Karmic Beats meditation video.

Win Legal Battles + WIND & RAIN (Isochronic beats, Mercury & Mars, freedom and strength of will)

Win legal battles, debates and arguments.
12Hz - Throat/Vishuddha chakra, communication and cleverness.
141.27Hz - Mercury, communication, logic, reason.
144.72Hz - Mars, freedom, strength of will, achievement.

3.45Hz monaural beat - vitality, accelerated language retention.
15.45Hz monaural beat - Crown/Sahasrara chakra, intelligence.

A court battle is essentially a war of words. So we have the frequency of mercury which is associated with the throat chakra and supports speech, communication and cleverness.

From an astrological perspective Mercury represents the principles of communication, logic, reason, rationality, adaptability and education.

For the war part we have the frequency of Mars (also known as Ares) the god of war. Supports freedom, ability for achievement, strength of will, focused energy and competitions.

The monaural beats naturally come about from the arraignment of the other beats.

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