Sunday, September 23, 2012

NEW VIDEOS: Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dreaming I - 2 versions

6.3Hz - Lucid dreaming, astral projection. And, accelerated learning & increased memory retention.

4Hz - Extrasensory perception, lucid dreaming, astral projection, subconscious problem solving, full memory access.

13Hz - Associated with Brow/Ajna chakra which is connected to the 3rd eye.

40Hz - Binding frequency, goes higher in lucid dreaming, information-rich task processing & high-level information processing.

136.1Hz - Frequency of OM. Earth frequency. Also called the frequency of the soul. Promotes harmony with the cosmos. Opens blocked energy pathways and restores balance.

852Hz - Solfeggio LA, Brow/Ajna chakra, returning to spiritual order, unconditional love.

This video is for use with the Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) method and includes a dream alarm. The dream alarm is a 13Hz isochronic pulse with an 852Hz base frequency. I call it the "Solfeggio 3rd Eye Dream Alarm".

This video can be used by itself or with other videos that have been designed to work together such as "13 852 I" and "Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dreaming II"

This video is 90 minutes long the first 60 minutes has a 6.3Hz binaural and 6.3Hz isochronic pulse both with a base frequency of OM 136.1Hz. For the last 30 minutes it goes down to a 4Hz beat frequency the base frequency is still 136.1 Hz (OM). During the last 30 minutes a 40Hz gamma signal is introduced and the dream alarm sounds about every ten minutes for about 1 minute

First learn the sound of the dream alarm. It is a 13Hz isochronic pulse with an 852Hz base frequency. These are the frequencies of the third eye. The 3rd eye is the eye with which you see the dream world, so it seemed a very good choice for a dream alarm.

The video "13 852 I" has just the Solfeggio 3rd eye dream alarm signal in it. It can be used as a stand alone 3rd eye meditation or to learn the dream alarm sound and set your intentions to become lucid upon hearing the dream alarm.

Meditate to this video or another Lucid dreaming video before sleeping. Then listen to this video while going to sleep. Set your alarm to wake you after about 6 hours. Stay up for 5 to 30 minutes. During this time meditate to this video. Then go to sleep and listen to "Wake back to Bed Lucid Dreaming II" which also has the "Solfeggio 3rd Eye Dream Alarm".

This video has a dream alarm during the last 30 minutes. This is not part of the WBTB method. It is an extra chance at lucid dreaming. If you fail to lucid dream during this video you still have another chance when you wake up after 6 hours and go back to bed. If you succeed in lucid dreaming during this video then you have a chance to do it again when you wake back to bed.

There are two versions of this video:

Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dreaming I (6.3Hz, OM, 40Hz & solfeggio 3rd eye dream alarm)

Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dreaming I + WIND & RAIN (6.3Hz, OM, 40Hz & solfeggio 3rd eye dream alarm)

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