Monday, September 10, 2012

NEW VIDEOS: Win Legal Battles - 2 versions

Win legal battles, debates and arguments.
12Hz - Throat/Vishuddha chakra, communication and cleverness.
141.27Hz - Mercury, communication, logic, reason.
144.72Hz - Mars, freedom, strength of will, achievement.

3.45Hz monaural beat - vitality, accelerated language retention. 15.45Hz monaural beat - Crown/Sahasrara chakra, intelligence.

A court battle is essentially a war of words. So we have the frequency of mercury which is associated with the throat chakra and supports speech, communication and cleverness.

From an astrological perspective Mercury represents the principles of communication, logic, reason, rationality, adaptability and education.

For the war part we have the frequency of Mars (also known as Ares) the god of war. Supports freedom, ability for achievement, strength of will, focused energy and competitions.

The monaural beats naturally come about from the arraignment of the other beats.

There are two versions of this video:

Win Legal Battles

Win Legal Battles + WIND & RAIN

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