Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bird song Copyrights - Time S.p.A. Armada Music makes false copyright claim on binaural beats.

In previous posts I have mention how three different companies have made false claims of copyright on content I own and created.

Bird Song Copyrights - Kontor New Media trying to claim copyright on binaural beats.
More Bird Song Copyrights - Time S.p.A. Armada Music wants in on the fraudulent copyright game.
Bird Song Copyrights. Is Dance All Day trying to claim copyright on binaural beats?

So far Dance All Day and Kontor New Media have done the right thing and rescinded their false claims. Both companies had email addresses and they both responded to my email.

Time S.p.A. Armada Music continues to falsely claim copyright on my video. I was finally able to locate a company in the Netherlands named Armada Music they have no email address only a long distance phone number.

Back Pain & Headaches (Binaural & Isochronic beats. Delta 0.5 & 2.5Hz, Solfeggio 528Hz, OM 136.1Hz)

I am the sole creator of this video and no other work was used. I created the binaural and isochronic beats with Gnaural.

The audio consists of:

Isochronic beat - 0.5Hz beat. 528Hz base.
Binaural beat - 0.5Hz beat. 136.1Hz base.
Binaural beat - 2.5Hz beat. 136.1Hz base.
Isochronic beat - 0.5Hz beat. 136.1Hz base.

What are they going to do next claim copyright on drum beats? How about bird songs?

YouTube should not allow companies that do not have a web presence and an email address that is read and acted upon by humans to make copyright claims on their system.

So far I have been lucky all the copyright claims save the one by Armada Music have been rescinded. However I live in fear that one of these companies will decide to go fraudulent with their claim and not rescind it. These companies know YouTube will back them not the rightful copyright holder.

For those of you who may be wondering that I am making two contrary claims:

1) Binaural beats are not copyrightable. i.e they are as copyrightable as bird songs.
2) I own the copyright on my videos

The binaural and isochronic beats as they are in my videos so far, are not likely to be copyrightable as they are just steady beats and frequencies.

However the production as a whole is copyrightable. And I created all the content using tools of creation. NO OTHER MATERIAL IS USED. I do not use public domain content or content from another artist even with their permission. All content is created by me. I am well aware of the environment I am operating in when it comes to copyright.

UPDATE: Time S.p.A Armada Music false copyright claim has now become abusive and fraudulent

Time S.p.A Armada Music after initially rescinding their false copyright claim has secretly reinstated their false and now fraudulent claim.

The original claim was filed by Time S.p.A and Armada Music. .It has been reinstated by Time S.p.A.

I was wrong in my assertion that Armada music has no email. In my haste I overlooked it. They do have a contact page at their website and their own YouTube channel.

They are claiming copyright on material they do not own and as I have said so many times before steady binaural and isochronic beats are no more copyrightable than a drum beat or bird songs.

In my opinion this makes Time S.p.A Armada Music false claim a criminally fraudulent claim!

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