Friday, April 6, 2012

Bird Songs are not enough. Is Rumblefish claiming copyright on 8Hz Binaural and Isochronic beats?

Rumblefish has falsely claimed ownership of the following video which contains a binaural beat of 8Hz made from two sine waves of 124Hz and 132Hz and an isochrinic beat of 8Hz with a base frequency of 132Hz. I created the binaural and isochronic beats with Gnaural. Copyright on steady binaural and isochronic is like copyright on notes. Is Rumblefish going to claim ownership of middle C or the C chord someday?

The fractal art graphics were created by me using ChaosPro

No other content was used in this video. I am the sole creator and owner of this content.

This is as bad as what they did to eeplox when they tried to claim copyright on bird songs in his video:
Simple Living - Picking a Wild Salad (notice the how agitated the birds are over the violation of copyright on their bird songs)

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