Friday, April 6, 2012

Rumblefish has wild salad me. Simple Living and Another False claim of ownership: Or, should birds have copyright on bird songs?

Rumblefish has made a false claim of ownership of this video and is cheating me out of my money by running ads against content I own.

I am the sole creator of this content and have the source files to prove it. I can prove that I am the sole creator and therefore owner of this work. I hold the copyright on this work..

I demand that Rumblefish cease wrongfully collecting revenue from ads run against the content I own and make arraignments to pay the money they have wrongfully collected.

Rumblefish is notorious for making false claims of ownership taking ad revenue from the rightful owners the content. They even tried to claim copyright on bird songs.

Picking a Wild Salad and Bird Song Copyrights

Rumblefish did the same thing to eeplox who was foraging to "make a quick wild salad consisting of sea beets, corn marigold greens, yellow mustard leaves, mallow leaves and flowers, dandelion greens, prickly lettuce, smooth sow thistles, sourgrass, wild water-cured olives and lemon juice (from a street tree)." and posted the following video.
Simple Living - Picking a Wild Salad (notice the how agitated the birds are over the violation of copyright on their bird songs)

Rumblefish made a false claim of ownership and and took advertising revenue from the rightful owner of the content.

He "wrote a brief article about a bad experience I had with Youtube's automated copyright violation system, and a company called "Rumblefish":" YouTube Identifies Birdsong As Copyrighted Music

I have identified the following advertisers whose ads are running against my content and paying Rumblefish.

US Celular Wireless
Take the brita challenge
City Colleges of Chicago
Blackberry Smartphones
File For SSI Disability
Madonna + Smirnoff

I am calling for a boycott of these and other advertisers who allow their ads to be run against content that is claimed to be owned by Rumblefish.

By allowing their ads to be run by Rumblefish they are facilitating Rumblefish's continuing behavior of wrongfully collecting advertising revenue on content they do not own.

YouTube is also at fault for allowing Rumblefish access to its system to in order to commit these acts.

YouTube allows Rumblefish to immediately start collecting revenue before the user can refute the false ownership claim by Rumblefish.

Please help in the fight against companies like Rumblefish and boycott the above advertisers until such a time as they stop allowing Rumblefish to run their ads. Let these companies know that Rumblefish's behavior reflects badly their companies.


  1. I am with you on this. I have just had to dispute a false copyright claim by Rumblefish on a piece of music from Apple's iLife Jingles. On further investigation I found that Rumblefish's version was also using this Jingle bed for their track. All they had done is add some cheesy hip hop beat over it. I get the feeling that Rumblefish are busy repurposing all of Apple's jingles so they can call them their own and issue these false copyright claims in order to make advertising revenue through YouTube. Apple should come down hard on Rumblefish for this - making money from other people's hard work that Apple have already paid for. Google should take Rumblefish out of their automated copyright violation system and stop them stealing.

  2. Rumblefish did back down on this one. However I have a worse problem with Time S.p.A. They have verified their false claim on my video Back Pain & Headaches (Binaural & Isochronic beats. Delta 0.5 & 2.5Hz, Solfeggio 528Hz, OM 136.1Hz) making it a truly fraudulent claim. Also they are claiming copyright on simple beats which is worse than claiming copyright on bird songs.
    For more info read this blog post:
    Time S.p.A. Armada Music attempts to claim copyright on simple beats. It is like claiming copyright on bird songs.

  3. Rumblefish has made claims on two of my own songs made by my band and copyrighted to my own label. There is no additional sounds in those songs and are wholly created by me and my band yet they claim copyright on it. But this is something we can take them to court on and expose this wholesale fraud.

  4. If this has gone beyond a mere content ID match by YouTube (a false positive match) and the claim has been supported by Rumblefish then you definitely have a case.

    I would find other musicians in the same boat make sure the cases all involve content solely created by the developer i.e stay away from fair use claims.

    Then go to a lawyer and start talking class action against Rumblefish.