Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Able to lucid dream but want to OBE what should I do? And what to listen to while sleeping?

Sometimes I get questions on my YouTube channel that are difficult to answer within the tight restriction of 100 characters allowed per comment. So I have to decided to post those here where I can give a more substantial answer than can be done with YouTube comments.

From: spaceaholic11

Hi! I'd like to ask your advice. I've had vibrations before, but never an OBE, which I would like to try again. I've been able to lucid dream. What is the next step? All the ways I've tried never worked. Is there something I could listen to while sleeping to help me leave my body?

If you are already able to lucid dream, I would try astral projection from within the lucid dream. Just will yourself onto the astral plane or the RTZ.

Before doing that I would balance my chakras while in a lucid dream. I would do that for a while perhaps a week or two and then I would work on the third eye and pineal gland (which are connected to the 6th chakra but are not the same thing). I would then cleanse my aura. I would do these things in lucid dreams and in daily meditation.

Also upon succeeding in astral projection I would again balance my chakras and my third eye and cleanse my aura. What better time to do these things than during a lucid dream or OBE? It makes a lot of sense to me and I have read at least one report of someone who obtained good results. It goes a long way towards improving your skills with lucid dreaming astral projection, OBE etc.

For sleeping I would listen to something with isochronic pulses unless you want to wear headphones or earbuds.

6.3Hz and 7Hz are good for OBE, lucid dreaming and astral projection.

I have an astral projection video that is very popular so it appears to be working for people.

One Hour 6.3Hz Theta Astral Projection OBE Binaural Isochronic

I have my videos organized with playlists and there is one for this topic.

"Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE, etc."

I would try One Hour 6.3Hz Theta Astral Projection OBE Binaural Isochronic first and then check out the others on the playlist and see what works.

I add new content all the time so check back for more lucid dreaming astral projection and OBE videos.

Being able to lucid dream is a big plus and it is important to keep trying.

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