Friday, May 4, 2012

Web Site Design and Promotion Tips

I just finished going through all the embedded YouTube videos and added an actual link in addition to each one.

You Might wonder why bother?. If someone wants to view it on the YouTube watch page they can just click the icon in the viewer. Yes that is true.

However I wonder if a search engine can follow an embedded video back to its page? I know it can follow a link. So I made each video title a link back to the YouTube watch page. Not so much for the user (although it is an added slight convenience), but for the search engines.

The moral of the story is you have to design not only for the user but for the search engines as well.

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  1. It's very easy these days to be visually overloaded with images, to the point where our brains stop processing information when confronted with too many options.